Without detracting from the cobots that represent a very versatile and easily programmable technology, Farmo Res is developing a new and exclusive technology through intelligent motors, which exceeds the limit often found in cobots to work at low speed. 
The evolution that we are implementing in the last machines and that will become a standard FARMO RES is to use in our machines less commercial robots and instead more often use intelligent motors on mechanical robots made by us so that the thermoforming machine and the robots become a single entity, operated by a single software. This will soon enable us to reduce spare parts, simplify SW, speed up the production and set-up of machines and, above all, not depend on third parties (large robot manufacturers) for problem-solving.

Turning to Farmo Res for your packaging needs therefore means having a partner with experience and competence who is also independent and innovative in the technology used: having software and components and/or intelligent robotic motors also produced by us means for you to have an “all in one” solution of high quality and with even lower costs.