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According to the recent Pharmintech Monitor study by the UCIMA-Mecs Study Centre, the growth prospects of some African markets in the pharmaceutical sector, for the two-year period 2020/2021, are greater than the world average growth, currently equal to 3.6%. Attention is therefore paid to Kenya, Ghana, Morocco and Uganda, with growth rates of up to 9.4%. Tanzania should also be kept in mind, whose expected growth will be exactly equal to the world average.

And here’s the point, certainly to the advantage of Italian manufacturers of packaging machines. As far as the pharmaceutical packaging machinery sector is concerned, African countries are suffering from the low level of local production of pharmaceuticals: except in a few cases, in fact, the demand for pharmaceuticals is mainly satisfied by imports, rather than by domestic production. As a result, investment in plant and machinery, both process and packaging and packaging, is low. However, the growth of self-sufficiency in production in the African pharmaceutical sector will also increase imports of packaging machinery and plants, especially from Italy, which will benefit from a good increase in its market share.

Forecasts for the packaging machinery market for Africa and Oceania as a whole estimate an average annual growth of 3.0% for the next two years, against a global growth of 4.8% for the Pharma packaging machinery markets.

Expected growth in exports of Italian pharmaceutical packaging machinery to Africa and Oceania is much better (+6%). In this regard, exports to Algeria (+7.8%), Nigeria (+6.9%) and Kenya (+8.3%) will be particularly significant.

The African market of Farmo Res

Farmo Res has been serving the African market for some time now. Davide Forti, Product Manager of Farmo Res, says: “In North Africa we have several installations of FARMO DUE, our top of the range for the packaging of suppositories. This is also one of the markets with the greatest demand for this type of machine. In South Africa we are growing and we are now supplying a line of machines to the largest pharmaceutical company in the territory that will install Farmo machines in France. In Central Africa we don’t currently have any installations but, frankly, it’s an area where they don’t produce much and where drug manufacturers mainly use Indian machines.

FARMO DUE | The top of Farmo Res range for the packaging of suppositories

The FD22  are automatic machines for the production of suppositories and ovules in strips of aluminium and/or thermoformable plastic. The cavities can be of different cut and volume according to the client’s requirements. Production up to 22.000 suppositories-ovules/hour.
Altre versioni disponibili: FD5, FD11 e FD30 che producono, rispettivamente, sino a 5.000, 11.000 e 30.00 supposte-ovuli/ora.
Technical sheet FD22

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