The market for basic necessities is inevitably growing in the face of the pandemic that the whole world is facing. With a more marked attention to single-dose packaging, which instills a greater serenity also in consumers, the demand for packaging for food, pharmaceutical, personal and household hygiene products has substantially increased; ready the companies in the supply chain that with all the necessary precautions, push the accelerator to ensure an adequate response.

I think everyone has noticed and remembers the empty shelves in supermarkets in the first weeks of March. This is perhaps an excessive situation, but it is certainly justified by concern about meeting the unknown. Now there is more awareness and less apprehension, but the need for companies to be promptly supplied and supplied remains very high.

And if the percentages reported in the title refer to large retailers, we should not forget the demand from online commerce, which always in the same time interval, between February 22 and March 8, marked an increase of +73% compared to last year. Also the publishing sector, with newspapers, books and magazines recorded an important increase attributable to new habits arising from staying at home.

The role of this sector of industry in this period of emergency is in fact vital for the food sector, strategic for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, home care and the world of information. The companies involved in the production and processing of paper and cardboard also call into question the companies, structures and infrastructure, responsible for separate collection and recycling.

We share the enthusiasm and satisfaction expressed by Girolamo Marchi, president of the Federation of Paper and Graphics, who declares “Our companies offer an example of the ability to meet the pressing needs of the community, combined with the need not to stop the Italian industrial system …. and yet ” At this time we are particularly committed and responsible, despite a thousand problems and safeguarding the health of workers.

The president wished to specify how the work of these companies is indispensable for the distribution of basic necessities from the food and pharmaceutical sectors to the information industry. A mention that draws attention to the work of technology manufacturers who, in addition to not interrupting the production of the machines, continue to guarantee assistance on them in Italy and abroad. “We are tenaciously in the front line thanks to qualified workers – concludes Marchi – and with the entrepreneurs present in the company every day, to do our part for today’s needs and to contribute to the recovery that will come”.

A dutiful thought also goes out to the many companies and freelancers who are not managing to work in this period. So many serious people who can’t wait to get back to work.


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