Pharmaceutical packaging, prerogatives and characteristics of packaging for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical packaging is a very special product compared to other industrial sectors. Strict regulations govern the fundamental aspects, from permitted packaging materials to labelling.

The first thing to consider is packaging, which in the pharmaceutical sector must guarantee the respect of precise characteristics.

Perfect adaptability to the medication

Serves to safeguard the integrity of the product and prevent external agents from entering the product

Resistance to external environmental conditions

In particular, reference is made to the need for primary packaging resistant to light and air

Protective capabilities

The primary packaging must remain unharmed during its various movements

Comunicazione trasparente

Un packaging a norma deve avere precise indicazioni sulla natura del contenuto e le modalità di somministrazione

Maximum attention is paid to the protection of the product contained, including through the presence of anti-counterfeiting seals and appropriate locking systems that ensure the full integrity of the drug.

But safety is also an essential prerogative in the communicative effectiveness of pharmaceutical packaging. In this sense, the mechanisms of response to the stimuli associated with the materials, shapes and style of packaging are subject to this principle. The user must get the impression of a stable and safe packaging from the packaging.  Think of the double value of glass as a pharmaceutical packaging: efficient for its physical characteristics, effective in the common perception, as an ideal material in the noble function of containing a healing formula.

Pharmaceutical packaging is usually composed of primary and secondary packaging. The primary packaging, with a double protection, avoids the possibility of damaging in any way or shape, the content. The secondary packaging allows you to link a large amount of information that guides the user to the approach to the drug. The design of primary and secondary packaging for the drug has a direct and important impact in making efficient the management in the medical-hospital environment and also private. From the pharmacy to the hospital aisles, up to the home management of the individual user, thanks to a packaging that can easily be associated with the correct identity of the product, it is definitely easier to take the right medicine.

Pharmaceutical packaging must therefore be recognisable. Its structure must in fact make the drug recognizable as such, preventing possible misunderstandings with other product categories. In this sense, the design choices for this sector respond to specific canons not found in any other category of product.


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