Pharmtech 2019 confirmed the growth trend of the Russian pharmaceutical market, both in terms of quantity and quality; Russian pharmaceutical companies are investing in new technologies, building new production plants and expanding their market, which is no longer just the domestic one but also addresses the Asian continent; investments are also resuming in Ukraine and in countries historically absent in this market, such as Georgia. The consequences for Pharmtech have been clearly visible, the exhibition spaces of the two pavilions have been completely exhausted, there has been a significant increase in the number of visitors from China and India, manufacturers and suppliers from Vietnam and Korea have not been present in previous years, and more machines have been exhibited at the fair. In this climate of growth and greater competition Farmo Res has brought its flagship product, the thermoforming packaging machine model PRIMA, which with its modular design and its high standards of automation has attracted potential customers, students, curious …. and even competitors. Some customers called it the “Ferrari of thermoforming packaging machines” …but I immediately made it clear that it couldn’t have been completely red! Farmo Res comes home from Moscow with an excellent portfolio of requests, which will lead to some further orders in these last weeks of 2019 and excellent prospects for 2020.

Gabriele Giannessi

Product Manager, Farmo Res