PRIMAK7 40 cycles/min – Packaging of liquids, creams, gels and powders in unit doses

The Farmo Res Prima K7 is an automatic forming machine operated by PLC with transfer on one lane, for the production of trays in PET, PVC and polystyrene for packing liquids, creams, gels and powders in unit doses.

Balcony constructed frame
The frame is completely constructed in anodised aluminium, tops, passage runningboards, nuts and bolts are totally in stainless steel also. The balcony constructed frame allows maximum access for cleaning all the packaging areas, the sheath and tubing passages between the different areas are all in the lower part of the frame (under the running boards), these are accessible for any extra maintenance and additional space is available for other groups or accessories which may be added, easy access to the valves, electrical junction boxes, water collecting trays are positioned in the back of the frame with easy access through the electrical panel openings which are assembled on hinges, the panels are fixed with RITTAL type locks with strict separation between driving elements and function groups, greases or oils used for lubrication are FDA certified.

Brochure Prima K7