PRIMAK7 40 cycles/min – Packaging and management tubes

The Farmo Res Prima K7 is an automatic forming machine operated by PLC with transfer on one lane, for packaging and management tubes.

Balcony constructed frame
The frame is made with anodised aluminium. Tops, passage running boards, nuts and bolts are all made with stainless steel. The balcony constructed frame allows for maximum access for cleaning all the packaging areas. the sheath (?) and tubes connecting the different parts of the machine are all located in the lower part of the frame (under the running boards). This area is accessible for maintenance and additional space is available for other groups or accessories which may be added. Valves, electrical junction boxes and water collecting trays are positioned in an easily accessible area in the back of the frame. The panels are fixed with RITTAL type locks. This frame allows for separation between the driving elements and the function groups. All greases or oils used for lubrication are FDA certified.

How it works

All the main movement groups are operated by servo motors. > The use of servo motors for the main movements of each functional group allows high performance position accuracy, easy speed and acceleration control with quick step regulation. All the motors are connected with a Profibus system. > Allowing parameter adjustment from display in machine cycle mode. 50 mm ports are present on both sides of the main groups during machine stop. > Allowing further distance from heating elements and easier size part changeover. Servo motors allow plate opening adjustment. > According to tray depth to optimise machine cycle time. Forming reel loading from operator side. > Allowing a more ompact forming module and easier reel change over procedures. Integrated product vision check variable data system.